Skeena Maps Portal

A community mapping platform,
built on open standards.

Genki Maps, in partnership with the Skeena Knowledge Trust, developed a customized web mapping platform for community groups and local stakeholders to create and share spatial data and maps. The platform is a customized Geonode deployment with specific tools developed for community needs. The entire service is built on an open-source geospatial technology stack, and provides mapping and data sharing capability to groups with no internal GIS capacity.

Michael has been incredibly resourceful in implementing our community mapping application. With minimal guidance, he took the lead on researching an appropriate technology stack, customizing it for our needs, and ensuring it runs smoothly. He took the mapping portal from concept to reality while clearly documenting any issues found along the way.

Michael’s experience and thorough understanding of web mapping technology, geospatial data, and database management has been a key asset to our organization. He has been flexible in working with a variety of open-source GIS technology and automation tools.
Johanna Pfalz, Skeena Knowledge Trust

Full-featured map editor

The map portal features a robust mapping tool, with most of the capability of a desktop GIS, at a fraction of the cost and learning curve. The map editor displays the exact same map that users see when they view the map in a browser – no disconnect between the map design and the published web map. In addition to displaying directly in the browser, the portal also supports serving WMS and WFS map tiles, so you can access the maps in a desktop GIS too. Behind the scenes, Geoserver and PostGIS do the heavy lifting.

Map editor interface

Layer styling right in your browser

Sophisticated layer styling is available right out of the box. As part of our customization, we extended the default layer styling tools to provide additional options. Users familiar with QGIS can edit and publish layer styles right from the desktop, and can also publish entire maps directly to the portal.

Layer styling in maps portal

Security and Permissions

Data layers and maps in the Skeena Maps Portal are protected by a robust permissions system. Individual layers and maps can be made public, or access can be limited to any chosen users or groups. Fine-tuned permissions are easy to set: prevent casual users from accidentally deleting or modifying data, while allowing power users any level of access required. Groups within the portal can have their own silos of private data, visible only to their group. This is critical for some community groups wanting to protect their local knowledge and traditions.

Permissions management in maps portal

Responsive design

The map portal is designed to look nice and be functional on any screen size. HTML5 and Bootstrap components are used for a clean, responsive design. For the Skeena Maps project, the default portal design was extensively modified to create a custom look and feel.

Responsive design for any screen size