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Geospatial Services

In today's digital world, data is gold. And geospatial data, the location where an event happened or data was collected, is more valuable than ever. Geospatial data is collected automatically, every day, by billions of GPS units inside smartphones roaming the planet. Not to mention satellite imagery, surveying, drones, and field mapping with tablets. A huge amount of data is collected and stored away, often without being used effectively. Genki Maps helps you unlock the intelligence and insights in this data. We are proud to offer a full range of geospatial services ranging from automated data processing and transformation to snappy, interactive web maps, to conventional mapping and cartography.


Take the tedium and human error factor out of your spatial data processing workflow. We offer end-to-end data automation services, fully customized to each client's needs. Our data processing pipeline goes beyond what Model Builder or a simple Python script can do: automation right from the data collection stage, through to the final output—often a summary of key values or a set PDF maps for quick review and decision-making. We can even provide our own data hosting and processing, on a secure cloud server, with results delivered right to your screen as soon as they're ready.

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Web Mapping

A responsive, engaging, and easy to read web map is a key part of effective communication. Web maps are more complicated than traditional paper maps: they have to look nice at all scales and show the right amount of information in a limited space. This is especially true on mobile devices. An effective web map displays the right information for your customers, ideally on a background they are already familiar with. Help your customers find the nearest branch of your store, track their driving patterns, or search by address or zip code. Web maps make professional cartography and GIS technology accessible to anyone with a web browser.

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GIS Consulting

In addition to more complex mapping apps and end-to-end automation, we also offer traditional GIS consulting. Cartography, spatial analysis, and spatial data management are the workhorses of many GIS projects. We are experts at sourcing the right data, quality control, and spatial workflow optimization to get the most from your data.

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The uses for this technology are limited only by your imagination. These are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Real Estate - maximize opportunity on your next property investment
  • Demographics
  • Customer Segmentation - understand your customers by observing where they live, shop, etc.
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Site Selection - finding best route for a powerline or the ideal location to expand your franchise
  • Environment & Conservation
  • Resource Management