Map Portals

Web Mapping Platforms

Genki Maps specializes in deploying and customizing complete web mapping platforms for customers needing a web-based geographic information system (GIS). Also referred to as spatial data infrastructure (SDI), these systems allow multiple users to interact with a GIS platform for map creation, viewing, and analysis. No expensive or complex desktop software is required—all your users need is a modern web browser.


Our web mapping platforms are modular and based on open standards, making them relatively easy to integrate into existing workflows. A standard platform offers at least the following features and capabilities:

  • Find, browse, and filter geospatial data and web map services
  • Create and share maps with data sourced from multiple sources
  • Upload and display your own geospatial data
  • Collaborate with other users and share data using a fine-grained permissions systems

ArcGIS Server and Open Source Integration

In the GIS server world, ArcGIS Server has long held a dominant position, being the platform of choice for large government agencies and enterprise GIS. While sophisticated and highly capable, the pricing of this system has kept many smaller players out of the market. Open source GIS offers a compelling alternative, but some organizations are reluctant to adopt technology outside of the de-facto industry standard. Fortunately, the technology has come a long way and integration between ESRI and open-source platforms is more practical than ever before.

Genki Maps specializes in backend integration between ArcGIS Server and open-source GIS services. In our extensive experience with ArcGIS Server management, some of our customers required their map services and data catalogue to be accessible from open-source GIS clients. Other customers have existing backend systems with spatial data in a variety of repositories, and need their data integrated into a final product.

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