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Genki Maps builds custom Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) applications, specializing in location-based services and mapping apps. We also do conventional GIS analysis and cartography, but more often than not, we build systems that are integrated, online, and work with live data. Our mission is simple: to make the world a better place, one map at a time.

Michael Peterman, founder of Genki Maps, is a GIS software engineer and all-around map geek with more than 10 years of experience in everything geospatial. Michael has worked in mapping and GIS across many sectors including mining, fisheries, advertising, utilities, and government.


Genki Maps is a sleek, modern enterprise with a close-knit group of collaborators. If a particular skillset or technology is required for your project that doesn't already exist in-house, we can reach out to our extensive network of professionals to find the right person.

Edward J. Gregr, SciTech Consulting

Mr. Gregr is a marine ecologist with extensive GIS experience. Collaborations include a wide variety of oceans-related GIS projects, including a wave fetch simulator, out-of-bounds fishing events detector, and spatial data automation used for oil spill response planning.


SciTech Consulting

Johanna Pfalz, Skeena Knowledge Trust

Working with multiple community groups, local resource companies, and government, Ms. Pfalz provides leading-edge GIS and data management services across the Skeena Region. Currently collaborating on the Skeena Maps Portal, with other projects in the pipeline.


Skeena Knowledge Trust

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